A Moonrise Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

This is not a time lapse. This moonrise, recorded just two days ago and presented here in real time, was shot in Wellington, New Zealand — and it is positively spellbinding. Seriously. Just watch.


The moon illusion is working overtime here, thanks to some clever camera placement by astrophotographer Mark Gee, who set up shop a full two kilometers away from Mount Victoria Lookout in anticipation of the Moon's appearance over the horizon. Writes Gee of the video, which he calls, appropriately, "Full Moon Silhouettes":

Full Moon Silhouettes is a real time video of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand. People had gathered up there this night to get the best view possible of the moon rising. I captured the video from 2.1km away on the other side of the city. It's something that I've been wanting to photograph for a long time now, and a lot of planning and failed attempts had taken place. Finally, during moon rise on the 28th January 2013, everything fell into place and I got my footage.

Oh, to be one of the stargazers silhouetted against this brilliantly limned orb, our planet's largest satellite. You'll want to watch this one in full screen, HD, etc.

[Mark Gee via NASA APOD]



This is really beautiful. But I have to ask, if I were on that platform I would have my eyes glued to the moon, and not wandering all over like these people are. For that reason I have my doubts that it is real. I don't want to, but I do.

Can you imagine seeing this? I realize the perspective may be different where they were standing, but surely your jaw would be on the ground, not walking back and forth talking, and going down the stairs.