Indie horror filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead had the buzziest segment in last year's V/H/S: Viral (skaters vs. skeletons brawl "Bonestorm"). Next up: monster romance Spring, about an American drifter who meets the woman of his dreams ... or nightmares? ... while backpacking through Italy.

The filmmakers, whose previous feature was 2012's Resolution, told the Hollywood Reporter that a bigger budget for their new film will enable them to really "show the monster."


Yeah, as the trailer shows ... the monster is the girlfriend, played by the striking newcomer Nadia Hilker. BUT, it sounds like making her character as dynamic as possible was a goal from the start:

"We tried to create [the female lead] as a character where our moms and girlfriends would be like, 'I'm proud of Justin and Aaron for creating a good female character,' " says Benson. "We wanted a female point of view in the story, and that's a tough thing."

Drafthouse, which describes the title as "H.P. Lovecraft meets Richard Linklater," will release Spring March 20.


Via The Awesomer.

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