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Does the idea of a new collectible monsters game get you amped? Then you'll be apoplectic with glee over new microscopic lifeform smackdown, Nanovor, from revolutionary game maker Jordan Weisman.


Over at Robot Viking, io9 co-conspirator Ed Grabianowski has the full story:

In April, Smith & Tinker will release Nanovor, a collectible card/multi-player online/alternate reality game based on microscopic lifeforms that live in all electronic circuits. Players will collect the creatures, evolve them into new forms and fight online battles against each other using custom handheld devices. The concept is vaguely reminiscient of Pokémon, but with even more potential to utterly infiltrate every moment of 12-year-olds' lives. Game Trade Magazine has some more info on how the game will work. The Nanovor game will be accompanied by novels, graphic novels, online cartoon episodes and a computer game.


Find out more about the game that everyone you know under the age of 14 will be playing, at Robot Viking.

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