A Moment of Profoundly Silly Outfits and Knife-Fighting in Dune Miniseries

A couple of weeks ago, we had a poll where we asked you which science fiction drug you'd most like to get strung out on. The Spice from Dune won by a pretty wide margin (62.4%). Tailing it were Dust, the drug from Babylon 5 (15.4%) and Soma from Brave New World (12.5). You'd really need to be high on spice to appreciate the full impact of this clip, containing an inexplicably large array of silly costumes and bizarre hats — plus a knife fight! Yes, it's another glamorous scene from the extended, uber-director's cut of the already-super-long Dune miniseries from SciFi Channel.

Evil, slutty Feyd has challenged the Spice-altered Paul Atreides to a duel — and he does it while wearing this bizarre, floating triangle behind his head. What the hell is that thing? Apparently it's attached to his coat because it falls off when he takes off his shiny red cloak. Yes, there is shirtlessness matched with red silk trousers. Basically, on a scale of serious to campy, this clip is super awesome.


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