A moment of actual white-knuckle, edge-of-your-seat suspense from the formerly "slow" Outcasts

Last night's Outcasts was by far the best episode so far. This show, which started off with a bit of a slow boil, has definitely hit its stride, and it's got some really interesting spins on its Battlestar Galactica-esque themes.

Spoilers below...

So I think the reasons why last night's episode worked better than previous outings were:

1) There was a lot going on, and it all went together pretty well. Just check out that clip. You have the ACs attacking Carpathia, to assassinate Jack in revenge for Jack's failed assassination attempt on their leader. And the ACs cut the power to the city, which endangers the birth of what might be the last baby ever born in the colony. And meanwhile, the power cut also lets the fake Josie Hunter escape from her cell — and it distracts Fleur and Cas, who are thisclose to finding the real Josie Hunter.


Tell me you didn't scream "Noooo!" at your screen when Fleur and Cass abandoned the search for Josie when they were standing just a few yards away from her.

2) Also, this episode really deepened the mysteries of Carpathia in a way that really worked for me. The people on Carpathia are changing as a result of their other-worldly experiences — and they're going a bit mad, but it's also changing them. As Stella says this time around, "I don't know what's like me any more." Which is a really nifty line of dialogue. And meanwhile, they're dealing with their monstrous posthuman creations, the ACs, which want them dead. And now it seems clearer than ever that they're also facing some kind of... force... that doesn't understand humanity and is sort of studying us. And that force may be responsible for the deaths of the settlement's children, as well as the extinction of the previous hominid inhabitants.

Whatever survives on Carpathia, it may not be strictly human — I sort of want an epilogue in the last episode, hundreds of years later, where the descendants of the ACs dig up evidence of their human ancestors and wonder about this lost civilization.

I really hope we find out some more about the secrets of Carpathia in the two remaining episodes — especially if that's all we get of this show.


As for last night's episode, we got a decent amount of resolution. The real Josie finally got home, and rescued her kids from the fake. The assassination plot on Jack failed, and Jack's attempt to assassinate the AC leader came to light. And Stella's willingness to make the tough call saved both the baby and — miraculously — her mother. All in all, it was a solid, sometimes thrilling, hour of television.

Oh, and Julius Berger is looking like he may actually surpass Gaius Baltar in levels of "wanting to reach through the television screen and throttle him"-ness.


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Sorry, CJA — you are as smart and insightful as they come, but this episode was a near total yawn. When we first met Jocee, it was clear that she had something of the Helen Cutter weirdness about her (beyond her shock). And you really didn't know, at the very instant that the real Jocee was left, that she'd be seen again — otherwise why have it in the plot?

Two episodes left, a gazillion unanswered questions will be left buried on Carpathia. The planet-sized rescue ship that didn't save the survivors this time.