A Modern Day Myth Explaining the Color of the Oceans

Vincent Peone’s “The Sea Is Blue” is a lovely tale about a girl’s journey, with the requisite voiceover telling the tale. As it should be, when you’re dealing with fairy tale mixed with myth.


With his writing/directing partner Josh Ruben, Peone is better known for his comedic work. Ruben and Peone were founding members of College Humor’s video department and recently directed three episodes of Adam Ruins Everything. In “The Sea Is Blue,” they do something else. Peone wrote it while he waited for his sister to come out of a medically-induced coma. He finishes his director’s statement by saying, “The short is about loss, learning to appreciate what you have, and new beginnings. It gave me hope when I needed it, and now I’m pleased to share it.”

[via Short of the Week]

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The faux Liam Neeson narrations works well.

The director also did this social commentary. sexy models, sad statistics.