A Mission To Venus Goes Poorly In Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

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For this weekend’s Weekend Matinee, we’re going back to 1965, with Curtis Harrington’s Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet. In it a crew of astronauts land on Venus and are attacked by its inhabitants.


This is another example of a film that came from the Soviet Union, and which was dubbed and adapted for US audiences. The original film was directed by Pavel Klushantsev and titled Planeta Bur (Planet of the Storms), released in 1962. It also formed the basis for Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women in 1968. While the film hasn’t necessarily been well received, I’ve always thought that it has great props and sets.

I first came across this movie when Prometheus came out in theaters: there were some parallels in the suit designs and some of the story.


So, sit back, enjoy the film and weigh in along with your fellow io9/Gizmodo commenters!

[h/t SF Signal]

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Dating from around the same time, Carl Sagan, who used radar data to prove there was a runaway greenhouse on Venus, debunks the planet-sized swamp scenario:

But hey, hey! BASIL RATHBONE!