These photos offer a visual tour of a glass house, filled entirely with glass furniture. It's as if Superman's Fortress of Solitude were redesigned by a 1950s architect obsessed with boxy shapes and clean lines.

According to LoudDreams:

The glass home is a collaboration between founder Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio featuring a series of iconic furniture pieces, beds, sofas and bookcases, along with architectural elements such as staircases and kitchens. They are all fashioned from ‘extraclear' glass.


The Santambrogio design firm is known for its minimalist glass creations, from stairways to sofas.

The house, though beautiful, looks about as welcoming as Superman's ice palace. Maybe if you were from Krypton it would be cozy.

via Loud Dreams, found on NotCot


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