Illustration for article titled A mind-boggling infographic of all the missions from Earth to Mars, and where they wound up

The Martian rover Curiosity, also known as the Mars Science Lab, is set to launch in the next few weeks. While you're jumping up and down waiting for us to get a closer look at Mars, you can enjoy looking back through history at all the missions we've launched to the Red Planet — and where they are now.


This infographic was created in 2009 by Brian Crystie Design, a group that has created a number of beautiful science-oriented infographics. When you look at something like this, you realize that humans really aren't going to give up on the dream of going to space any time soon. Look how many times we've already hurled our spacecraft at Mars! And we've only been launching missions to space for a little over half a century.

Infographic via Brian Crystie Design.


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