A Melancholy Short Film About an Elusive London Monster

"Woodhouse" is a beautiful, sad short film about a little girl who sees a monster in a London park. But it's also about why we long to find monsters — and the forces that crush our desires. Watch this lovely short and end your day in contemplation.

Written and directed by Fred Rowson, "Woodhouse" is a production of Tread Softly Films. One of the fascinating things about this movie is the way Rowson offers us a skeptic's view of cryptozoology, but also mourns the loss of imagination that skepticism brings. There's also a well-observed set of causal connections between each person's fascination with the Woodhouse monster. We see why each person is drawn to it (or skeptical of it) for idiosyncratic reasons.

This isn't a condemnation of cryptozoology or skepticism — instead, it's a brief, moving character study that shows the very different ways that imagination can affect our lives.

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Why is it ALWAYS a little girl? Why not an old man whom people will equally won't believe?