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In Greek mythology, the god Zeus is perhaps best known for his wandering...ahem...lightning rod and the multitudinous offspring it produced. This massive mythological genealogy chart tracks every Olympian, demigod, and hero the thunder god was said to have sired, along with each child's mother.


What's especially great about this chart, created by Ilaria Pagin, Viviana Ferro, and Elisa Zamarian, is that it also includes the classical sources that link each child and mother to Zeus. And if you can't quite recall who each and every name on this chart, just click the name for a brief description of the figure and his or her backstory. It does not, however, include visual representations of whether Zeus came to his partners as a bull, a golden rain, or a three-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.


Zeus's Affairs [Visualising via Neatorama]

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