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A Marvel Star Signs on for the Most Impossible of Missions

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.
Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.
Image: Marvel Studios

Peggy Carter? Meet Ethan Hunt.

Well, okay, probably not, but possible time travel fanfiction I may or may not be working on aside, here’s some fun casting news: Hayley Atwell, known for playing Peggy Carter in the Marvel films and on TV’s Agent Carter, has signed on to join the next Mission: Impossible film.


As confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter, Atwell will join Tom Cruise and writer-director Christopher McQuarrie for the seventh installment in the spy-action-wild-stunt-excuse franchise, which is currently in production alongside the eighth installment, also written and directed by McQuarrie.

The news was first announced via Instagram, where McQuarrie posted a picture of Atwell along with the phrase, “Should you choose to accept…” a reference to the eponymous impossible mission. And Atwell responded, referencing her days as Peggy Carter, “Mission: Accepted. Though I’m not the sort to follow orders…”


Maybe, after her stint in Captain America, her own TV show, and now this, we can accept that Hayley Atwell should be a big-name action hero? I’m so ready to live in that world.

The next Mission: Impossible hits theaters July 23, 2021. 

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Angrier Geek

Is it too much to ask you to delete the one poster’s paparazii shot of Ms. Atwell that basically reduces her to body parts? That’s not why we’re fans.