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“House of Straw” is a short that seems to be a pretty typical relationship drama—except there are a lot of clues that the married couple’s problems have a rather unusual source.


“House of Straw,” written and directed by Kyle Bogart, premiered at Fantastic Fest last year, but now you can watch the whole thing online. While the monster effect is pretty good given what must be a small budget—there’s a reason it’s barely shown.

Which is fine, because the best part of “House of Straw” is the way that the everyday things have an extra weird layer on top of them. Going to the butcher for...three pig carcasses. Having an argument about a family member’s wedding...while filling shotgun shells. It’s a great atmosphere and each little detail opens up a world that I would happily watch every week. A feature version of “House of Straw” is supposedly in the works, which is sure to be great, but I’d almost rather see an even slower burn over more hours.


Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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