A map that shows the most popular movie set in each U.S. state

What's the most popular movie set in your home state? This map has the answer.

Created by reddit user Jakubisko, the map uses ratings culled from IMDb to pick the most popular movie set in each state. It's an interesting look at where the movies we love make their fictional homes — and also highlights the fact that some states have a lot more movies to choose from than others. Montana's Lonesome Dove, for instance, could also be in the running for most popular TV show in the state, as it was actually a made-for TV miniseries that aired in the late '80s.


What if you're not in the states, though? Not to worry, reddit's VictorVan still might have you covered with these maps of the top-rated films in countries in Europe and the Americas. Taking both VictorVan and Jakubisko's maps together, we can also answer which U.S. state holds the title of most popular movie setting in the country — it's Maine, with Stephen King's The Shawshank Redemption.


Top image: Jakubisko

Bottom two images: VictorVan


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