No matter what state in the U.S. you live in, a popular TV show has taken place there. But what's the absolute most popular show of all time to be set in your state? Business Insider has you covered.

The Business Insider crew determined the most popular shows set in each state, by looking at factors like longevity, audience/critical acclaim, awards, and lasting impact on American culture. You can see the complete map showing the results of their research above.


In terms of genre shows, True Blood's repping Louisiana, Georgia's got The Walking Dead, and Kansas, of course, has Smallville. Arizona's Medium qualifies, too. It's really nice to see Eureka on this map for Oregon. But the most obscure one here has to be The Pretender for Delaware. Does no one ever set shows in Delaware?

What sci-fi/fantasy show do you think best represents your home state/city/country/county?

via Business Insider