A Map Showing Which U.S. Public Schools Teach Creationism to Kids

Illustration for article titled A Map Showing Which U.S. Public Schools Teach Creationism to Kids

This map charts out all the schools receiving public funding that teach creationism — whether they're public schools or private and charter schools that receive public funding.


Slate put together this map, as well as an accompanying state-by-state breakdown, of what's going on in science classes around the country — and the laws and ordinances that govern them. Louisiana and Tennessee both have state laws allowing public schools to opt out of teaching evolution, but, as the map shows, that's not the only way that creationism can make it into the classroom. The public schools teaching creationism are shown in green — but there's also charter schools (shown in red) and private schools that receive tax-funded vouchers (in orange).

So, what's going on in where you are? Are there schools that the map is missing? Tag your locale on the map and and tell us about the science classes in your local schools.


I'm a proponent of teaching both sides, Creation and Evolution, *fairly* and letting kids make up their own minds. (I'm going to catch so much flack for this but...) isn't specifically only teaching one side of a still debated issue and completely ignoring the other side not unlike a sort of "religious indoctrination" if you will? If you as an Evolutionist or a Creationist are so confident in the inalienable truth of your beliefs, so confident that of course students will make the "right" decision and see the obvious truth, what's the harm in exposing them to both sides of the argument? In fact, what's wrong with just letting them make up their own minds as a general principle?

Look, I'm not looking to get into a comment fight or anything. I have nothing against science and nothing against God. I'm just a proponent for keeping an open mind.

(Incidentally, in case you weren't aware, there's a debate taking place today between Bill Nye and Christian author Ken Ham. It's being live streamed in about 3 hours, might be worth checking out for those interested in these subjects.)