A Map Showing The Popularity Of Musical Genres Across the US

We recently showed you maps of the most loved and hated popular musical acts in each U.S. state. Now, there's a new interactive map showing the popularity of musical genres across the country. Rock may still be king, but other genres are defying regional stereotypes.

Online real estate broker Movoto calculated the musical taste scores based on data from the National Endowment of the Arts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, including state-level music preferences from Wikipedia. Movoto took the scores for each region and used a spatial statistics method to create the interactive heatmap.

Spin Magazine offers some commentary, including the observation that the popularity of rap, country, and EDM are defying regional stereotypes:

Though you might think each region's favorite music genre would be commonsense — Nashville loves country, and so on — the map does make for fun perusing. For instance, while rock was the leading choice in most regions, it had the tighest lock on Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, and New Orleans. Big cities in Nevada, Florida, and Texas listed country as their favorite genre after rock. EDM is everywhere, and rap does well in Minneapolis and Seattle along with historically rap-centric cities like New York and Los Angeles. And so on.


[Via Movoto]

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Does it show areas of Nickleback popularity? You know, so we can nuke those places from space, just to be sure.