A map showing gender inequality around the world

By using data pulled from the United Nations Development Program, Time has compiled a map showing just how far the world has to go to reach gender equality.

The numbers on the map correspond to each country's Gender Inequality Index (GII), a figure derived from a number of factors, including the maternal mortality rate, the number of seats women hold in government bodies, and the labor force participation rate. The lower the number, the better the gender equality.


The top ten countries are Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Slovenia, France, and Iceland. The U.S. is ranked #43 and the U.K. #34. Australia and Canada rank #17 and #18 respectively. At bottom are Yemen, Afghanistan, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Congo and Liberia.

Here's an interactive version of the map.


via chartsbin.com

And here's a sortable chart showing the GII for each country:


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