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A Map Showing All The Solar System's Solid Surfaces Stitched Together

Via XKCD comes this awesome map of of the solar system's terrestrial surfaces pieced together as if it were a massive jigsaw puzzle. The illustration reveals the surprising scarcity of solid land in the solar system.

Titled "Space Without the Space," Randall Munroe's map excludes the surface area of not just the gas giants, but dust and small rocks as well.

Illustration for article titled A Map Showing All The Solar Systems Solid Surfaces Stitched Together

A quick glance shows that the Earth makes up a huge chunk of the map (though our planet is the only one with liquid water at the surface), as does Venus and Mars. Collectively, the various moons of the gas giants account for a sizeable portion as well, especially Titan and Ganymede. It's also fascinating to see the extent to which the various small moons and comets of the solar system account for its solid surfaces.

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Erik the Red

So dumb question, but what does the "ocean" surround the continents on Earth represent? Because that's clearly not a "solid surface" (despite there being land under miles of water), but there's no representative body in its place.