Every city has something that makes it special, whether it's the Eiffel Tower or just the world's largest ball of yarn. But what are the skills that make your city unique? This map shows you what your city is best at, compared with other cities.

LinkedIn's Sohan Murthy put together this map of the top skill sets in cities in the United States (above) and Europe (below) by mining data from over 175 million of their users.


Of course, the data is culled from self-submitted skills listed on LinkedIn profiles — and LinkedIn users naturally tend to prioritize things like "8 years of peer-to-peer sales experience" over things like "makes soul-crushingly good pie crust."

Still, it's an interesting look at what kinds of talents and industries lie in different cities. And while some results are entirely predictable (it will surprise no one, for instance, to learn that the most commonly listed skills in Los Angeles are in TV and video production), there are some revealing tidbits hidden in there as well. Paris, it turns out, is fluent not only in French but in C/C++. While Portland, Maine has two skill sets battling it out for the top spot: medicine and arts/crafts.


You can check out the whole interactive map right here.