Illustration for article titled A Map of Russia’s Defeat and Occupation, 1952-1960

Back in 1951, Colliers magazine went scifi with a special issue devoted to what would happen if the US occupied Russia. They called it the "preview of the war we do not want."

According to Strange Maps, this map "shows the UN flag flying over Moscow, with the Eastern Bloc countries, the Baltic Soviet republics and Ukraine (but not Belarus) marked as ‘occupied’."


The Colliers editors wrote that the point of the issue is:

To warn the evil masters of the Russian people that their conspiracy to enslave humanity is the dark, downhill road to World War III; to sound a powerful call for reason and understanding between the people’s of East and West — before it’s too late; to demonstrate that if the war we do not want is forced upon us, we will win.

Ah, the good old days of Cold War science fiction.

via Strange Maps


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