A Map Explaining What Happened To The Population Booms Of 10 Years Ago

Is your town growing or shrinking? This map gives you an answer for your area — both now and 10 years ago.

Using data from the last census and a decade ago, the Census Bureau put together an interactive map showing the difference between where in the U.S. the population was booming 10 years ago (below) and where it's booming now (above).


Ten years ago, the fastest growing areas were in the American South and West, now though North Dakota and west Texas are the hot spots for growth, a trend the census bureau suggests has to do with economic growth in the energy industry. Ten years ago, North Dakota's population growth was mostly either negative or stagnant — now the Census bureau says that half of the 10 fastest growing areas of the country are located there.

Is your area on the map? Tag your locale and tell us whether your town is growing or shrinking — and just what you think is behind it.

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