A Man's Model Train Hobby Becomes an Artistic Obsession in This Quirky Short Doc

There are hobbies, and then there are lifelong obsessions. Andrew Wilcox’s short documentary Some Kind of Quest introduces us to Northlandz, an astonishingly detailed model-train installation that sprawls across 52,000 square feet—and to Bruce Zaccagnino, the man who dreamed it into reality.


“As I decided to try to do this, everybody thought I was a total idiot,” he recalls. Clearly, those opinions didn’t deter this imaginative character one bit. You can actually go visit Northlandz (it’s in New Jersey; directions here), but this documentary, which features some awesome close-up shots of Zaccagnino’s miniature (yet surprisingly huge) world, is a good alternate for those who live far away.


[Vimeo Staff Picks]

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I have been to this place, twice. It is right down the road from my parents house in NJ. Great place. So amazing to see the huge track they have. And all the little details he has added in are great. Highly recommended. It is even more impressive in person for sure.

The doll and toy collection they also have is a little creepy.