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A Man Got into a Firefight with a Robot in Pennsylvania

Illustration for article titled A Man Got into a Firefight with a Robot in Pennsylvania

A man in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania armed himself with weapons, threatened police, and barricaded himself inside his apartment. Luckily, a police robot was there to stand on the firing line.


The robot was manufactured by Northrop Grumman, and looks basically like the model you see pictured above. According to Josh Kruger, writing in Philadelphia Weekly:

A 90-year-old man in Bethlehem, Pa., engaged in an armed standoff with local police late last week, during which time he took his own life. The man "was armed with a rifle and handgun and had barricaded himself inside his apartment…for nearly five hours… Officers say the suspect fired shots at a police robot during the standoff," according to NBC10. No other person appears to have been hurt in the tragedy.


This kind of robot can be used for reconnaissance — it has a camera, a light, and of course a large arm with a grasper on the end of it. Apparently it's also a good colleague in a gunfight.

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Stephan Zielinski

Not really much of a firefight if the thing doesn't return fire...