A Lovely Autumn Walk in the Park with a Robotank

Illustration for article titled A Lovely Autumn Walk in the Park with a Robotank

That hulking tankbot might look scary as hell if he were all alone, but somehow those falling leaves make the piece seem calm and serene. Bizarre, isn't it? German concept artist Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe loves robots, gaming, and creating art. He's got everything from concept art, to finished digital designs to his own manga on his website, and he's currently working on a science fiction-themed short film called Dark Elephant by ILM animator David Weinstein. He's a fan of moody and cold scifi shots, and he's definitely managed to capture that in this piece.

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Looking at this makes me think I'm playing some online game, sneaking around almost at my objective stealing the other team's flag, wondering where all the people on the other team are, when I round the corner and see these mother frakkers waiting for me. That one guy won't even bother to turn around and acknowledge me, he'll just let his sentry tank annihilate me.