A Lot of Incredible, Beautiful Art Was Released for Star Wars Day

If you’re reading this, you’re on the internet. And if you’re on the internet today, it’s pretty hard to avoid the fact that it’s May 4, also known as May the 4th be with you, also known as Star Wars Day. And we’re all just looking for ways to celebrate.

One way may be to buy, or at least look at, all of the brand new art that has been released for Star Wars Day. Let’s begin with s a BB-8 piece by Andy Fairhurst, available through the Bottleneck Gallery. (You can read an interview about the piece at Oh My Disney.)


The next several pieces are all from Acme Archives and are available at this link.

This Way to Victory by Brian Miller
Little Ezra’s Destiny by Nick Scurfield
Immune to Light by Stephen Sampson
The Pilot by Brian Rood
BB-8 by Kevin Graham
Fly to Protect by Mike Kungl
Kessel Run by Mike Kungl

Wooden Nickel just released the below pieces at this link.

Star Wars No. 2 by Christopher Shy
Awakens by Christopher Shy
Edgar Allan Poe Dameron by Jordan Monsell.

Yes, that’s Edgar Allan Poe Dameron. Love it.

Comic artist Francesco Francavilla did a bunch of original sketches he was selling today as well. These are just a few of them.


And don’t forget this stuff, either.


That site, Spoke Art, just added one more as a surprise too.

Boba Fett by Rich Pelligrino.

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