It's called "The Shire" โ€” of course โ€” and god willing it will have so many delicious second breakfasts.

According to Euro Weekly News (via The One Ring), a bunch of property in Spain is getting a bunch of work done in hopes of erecting a Lord of the Rings-themed park. At only about 20 acres, it's not huge; while the park's budget is $2 million and while that's quite a bit of money, it's not necessarily Disney World. Then again, if they are only recreating the Shire, things shouldn't really be that big after all. Don't expect roller coasters โ€” this park will also be integrated into nature, so most likely it'll be more like Hobbiton in New Zealand than an actual park. Hell as long as they have food, Hobbit-sized "pints" of beer and fireworks, we're down. Spain is closer then New Zealand.