We can’t sing the praises of the Adventure Time cartoon enough. But for an ostensibly silly show it can get mature, complex, and downright metaphysical—and there’s no better proof that the show’s always mesmerizing title cards. We have a look at how some of the show’s most intriguing art is made.

We’ve previously given you a similar taste with our preview of Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards Vol. 1; unshockingly, this gallery is a preview of Adventure Time: The Original Cartoon Title Cards Vol. 2, covering seasons three and four of the show, and due out on August 4th. These cards, and their early sketches, all came from then-lead designer Andy Ristaino.


First up is the third season episode “Paper Pete.” Note the early version of the title:

Here’s the extremely trippy title card for the season four episode “Beyond the Earthly Realm,” when Finn is trapped in the spirit world after touching a porcelain lamb, like you do.

Ristaino designed the title card for “Dad’s Dungeon” after a drawing he did in high school of a Dungeons & Dragons-type game he created with a friend. I want to play this game.

Two drafts and the final titlecard for the fan-favorite episode “Return to the Nightosphere” where Jake and Finn get involved in the vampire Marceline’s strained relationship with her dad, while basically being trapped in hell. If you’re wondering why fetal Jake and Finn are surrounded with bananas, well, that’s because when demons vomit they vomit bananas. Obviously.

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