A Look At How Isaac Asimov's I, Robot Changed The World

The lovely folks at StarshipSofa have started a new video podcast on YouTube called StarshipSofa HQ, looking at great books and authors in science fiction. One of their first episodes is a look at Isaac Asimov’s classic story collection I, Robot.


Other episodes look at Alfred Bester, One Hit Wonders, and a bunch of other great topics. You can subscribe here.

[Full disclosure: StarshipSofa featured one of my stories in their story podcast.]


Contact the author at charliejane@io9.com.

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Just a reminder to those of you out there that might not know:

the iRobot movie was not an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s work. It was originally a script called Hardwired that got retooled to bank on Asimov’s legacy.

That is all, enjoy your video.