Yes, "The Web of Fear" is the most recent Doctor Who serial to be rediscovered, and now it's available for viewing for the first time since it aired back in 1969. Plus the best Spider-Man cartoon ever, giant surfing robots and more, all in this week's home video releases!

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear


The Doctor encounters a cobweb in space, and then again in the London Underground — along with the Great Intelligence and its robot yeti.

Apokolips X

That trailer for the insane Malayasian street gangs with superpowers fight in the post-apocalyptic ruins of the world we showed you last week? Now you can own it for less than $10.

The Spectacular Spider-Man: Seasons 1-2


All 26 episodes of the late, great Spidey cartoon. No extras, but at least they're on Blu-ray.

Eureka Seven: Part One and Two


Are you ready for sky-surfing giant robots? Well, the entirety of the Eureka Seven anime — on both reasonably priced DVD and Blu-ray — is coming out tomorrow anyways.


Eureka Seven: The Movie


A retelling of the anime series. You want to spend the extra money and just go for the TV series, I promise you.

Zombies 4-Pack


Containing The Demented, The Crazies, Mimesis, and The Terror Experiment.

Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century


A bunch of people who have no idea what a yeti looks like or how tall it is tries to shamelessly capitalize on the 1976 King Kong remake.

The Lost Empire


"After officer Rob Wolfe is killed trying to stop a gang of ninjas from robbing a jewelery store, his sister, officer Angel Wolfe, vows to avenge his death. Her investigation leads her to the mysterious Dr. Sin Do, who is supposedly in league with an undead wizard named Lee Chuck. The doctor is holding a martial arts tournament on a secret island fortress, so Angel, after rounding up some of her martial-artist friends, enters the tournament in the hopes of finding Sin Do and Lee Chuck and bringing them to justice." Best movie ever? I'm thinking so.

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