A Lonely Astronaut Explores a Desolate America in These Beautiful Paintings

Scott Listfield’s vision of an apocalyptic Northern California is coming to Northern California.
Photo: Spoke Art
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If the world was ending and you were an astronaut, you’d probably just go into space and drift away. But not artist Scott Listfield’s astronaut. He sticks around to provide us a very unique perspective on the world around him.

Listfield, who’s Massachusetts-based, spends much of his time painting a faceless astronaut in evocative and provocative environments. For his new solo show, Algorithm, those environments are San Francisco and Silicon Valley where, maybe, technology has finally gotten the best of humanity. Here are a few of the beautiful paintings in the show.


We’ve covered Listfield before, but if you are interested in seeing more of his gorgeous work, you can visit his official site, AstronautDinosaur.com.

His new show, Algorithm, opens June 2 at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, CA and remains on display through June 23. You can find out more on the event page here.

[Spoke Art]


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