Image: HBO

The Iron Throne is being replaced by a theater seat. HBO has partnered up with the Prince Charles Cinema in London for a four-day marathon screening of all 67 episodes of Game of Thrones. It’s the first time Game of Thrones has been shown in a theater in its entirety. And the best part? It’s entirely free.

The marathon screening starts on November 27 and goes until November 30, and it comes with pizza breaks, courtesy of HBO, to make sure the audience doesn’t die. Advance tickets are already gone, but the theater is announcing more tickets on Twitter every day. Alcohol is prohibited, but fans can bring snacks, small blankets, and pillows if they want–so long as they don’t create giant beds in the middle of the theater. They’re also presumably free to come and go as they please, but fans who manage to withstand all four days of the series enter a drawing to get free pizza for a year (I’m sorry, a drawing isn’t nearly good enough, give all the survivors free pizza!).


The marathon screening is to celebrate the home release of both the latest season of Game of Thrones and the Blu-Ray collection that includes every season we’ve gotten so far. I will admit the screening is kind of a surprising move, considering how HBO ruled out releasing the final six-episode season in theaters or IMAX. Select episodes have been shown in theaters, like season four’s “Watchers on the Wall,” but we haven’t seen anything to this degree. If it’s successful, which it looks like it will be, that could bode well for doing similar showings in the US, or possibly even showing a bit of the final season in theaters. Fingers crossed.

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