The pilot of a deep-space survey ship is found murdered in his cabin, and a junior security officer has to solve the crime before it's too late. That's the plot of SecFor, a new movie that hopes to come out in 2010. Are we ready for a claustrophobic murder mystery in space, where everyone on the ship has a sordid secret? What if I told you it featured a sexy cat-like alien, with two arms and two legs? Click through for details.

Here's how production company Dancing Cat Productions describes SecFor's storyline:

A year into deep space, the pilot of the survey ship Apex is found murdered in his cabin. Security Officer Lieutenant Krausemeyer is so inexperienced neither Captain Mortgenstein, commanding the Apex, nor Commodore Smythe of SecFor, the fleet's security branch, allow Krausemeyer to investigate. Instead, Smythe sends Commander Dollijack from a nearby star system. Can Krausemeyer solve the mystery, defending himself against Mortgenstein's charges, before Dollijak arrives?


And the casting call mentions that the pilot, Frederickson, is overweight and only appears long enough to die a horrible choking death. The investigation reveals "sordid and covert" connections between Frederickson and almost everybody else on board.

The SecFor casting call describes Krausemeyer as in his late 20s and ambitious, with close-cropped hair and video-game skills. The ship's commander, Reolds, is bald and commanding, having turned down a career in business to join the fleet. And Mortgenstein is an older woman with close-cropped hair: "Grandmother meets Ming The Merciless." (Their description, not mine.) Smythe is elderly and British. There's also a bored ship's doctor, a woman named Couner, and a bookish xenobiologist guy named Martina. And an alien named Rrwhand:

Rrwhand is a crewmember from Epsilon Erinadis VII, a high gravity planet about 12 light years from Sol. He is shorter than humans and heavily muscled, bald and with brown/blue skin. Each of the two arms & legs have three carpals/tarsals each of which split into three metacarpals/metatarsals equidistant at 60 degrees to form multiple opposing appendages. The tarsal/metatarsal groups have heavily calloused pads with retractable cat-like claws for traction. The carpal/metacarpal groups are extremely dexterous and coil tightly in any direction for an unbreakable grip but usually act as a single coordinated unit and can be guided by miniature 'myopic eyes' at the ‘wrists'. Rrwhand's voice is all bass and no treble.


The movie has a budget of $25 million, and it sounds as though the producers are hoping to pull in some "name" stars and a "name" director, to raise the money. They hope to shoot in Albuquerque over 12 weeks in the spring and summer, to release the film in 2010. I'm actually sort of excited about this project after having read up on it, so here's hoping they succeed. Meanwhile, who do you think will turn out to have done it? My money's on the dragon lady who tries to cover everything up. [Dancing Cat Productions]