A Live-Action Star Wars Show Isn't Happening Any Time Soon

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Just before the release of The Force Awakens, Kathleen Kennedy fanned the flames of intrigue when she said that Lucasfilm were actively looking into the plans for Star Wars: Underworld, the long-in-concept Star Wars live action TV show. But don’t get too excited—if anything does happen, it’s not happening any time soon.


TV Line reached out to both the Disney-owned ABC network and Lucasfilm in the light of Kennedy’s comments about Underworld—and the cancelled video game associated with it, Star Wars 1313—and got pretty strong denials from both. ABC president Paul Lee told them that Lucasfilm is “focused on their movies, so [ABC] don’t have any plans at the moment,” while a Lucasfilm representative went further and said that their current “focus for TV is on animation.” So it looks like, for now, you won’t be getting any live-action Star Wars on your TV soon.

There’s been plenty of rumors in recent months about Star Wars heading to television—not just the revival of Underworld but also rumblings of multiple Netflix series á la Marvel—but it makes sense that Lucasfilm’s priorities are currently elsewhere. With a whole new movie saga under way, and Rebels diving head-first into awesome material, there’s plenty of good Star Wars stuff to go around for now.

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Whatever happened to all those scripts Lucas supposedly wrote. Did he just set them on fire when he sold his rights?

Honestly though, you can do a space bounty hunter show without the Star Wars brand name and they have (Kill Joys and Dark Matter this year alone!)...unless you have Jedi / the Force its gonna be like how Agents of Shield was in season 1...boring and something that leaves you just waiting for someone/thing familiar to stop by.