Hollywood Is Once Again Chasing a Pokémon Movie, Thanks to Pokémon Go

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that the game Pokémon Go has become a pop culture phenomenon. (Hell, even if you are under a rock, you may know about it ... there could be Pokémon under there.) Now, due to the app’s success, Hollywood has once again begun chasing a live action version of the popular franchise.

According to Deadline, though several film studios have pursed a live action version of the popular franchise in the past, everyone cooled off a while ago. Then, after the crazy success of the game this weekend, talks once again heated up. Legendary Pictures, who recently released Warcraft, is said to be in the lead to acquire the rights.

Whether or not a live action Pokémon movie would focus on the mechanics of Go would be up to whatever screenwriter is tasked with writing the movie. (Current rumor? Max Landis) But, at least Hollywood is jumping on this at the height of the craze, instead of a 2016 Angry Birds movie.



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But who will play all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys?