Illustration for article titled A Little Star Wars Action Figure Chess, Perhaps?

At Comic-Con, there are a whole batch of new Star Wars action figures, including a gorgeous chess set (with Storm Trooper and Rebel fighter pawns) and a Princess Leia figure with optional Jabba arms that can be slimed around her. Plus, there are awesome figures from the upcoming Clone Wars movie and TV series, as well as some weird new looks for Darth and sexy fighting Siths. Check out our gallery from Comic-Con below.


A lot of these aren't for sale yet — they're still in the concept art stage. But you can expect to see them within a few months or less. Wrapped in shiny packages. Sure that Leia is great, but really the chess set is what does it for me. Maybe it's the Tie Fighters as Rooks? As one of the admirers standing next to the chess set exclaimed, "It's the epitome of geekiness!" And that's saying a lot at a Con devoted to the fantasy lives of nerds.


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