A Little Mermaid's Not-So-Happily-Ever-After Will Be the Focus of a New Comedy at NBC's Peacock

A mermaid who is little.
A mermaid who is little.
Image: Disney

As NBC prepares to roll out its new Peacock streaming service to the wider public, the network’s adding on even more...interesting...programming to its upcoming lineup. If Battlestar Galactica isn’t quite your thing, then maybe a comedic trip under the sea might be able to convince you to sign on.


Deadline reports that Washed Up, a “sequel” inspired by the Little Mermaid fairytale—popularized by Disney but unrelated to the film entirely, of course—is coming to Peacock. The series, created by Jane the Virgin writer Gracie Glassmeyer, tells the story of a mermaid princess-turned-human who realizes after 15 years of being married on the surface world that she’s deeply unhappy with her marriage and in need of a change of pace. When the mermaid’s father unexpectedly dies, however, she realizes that it’s up to her to figure how to bring peace to their underwater kingdom and in doing so, save the world.

Between NBC’s live musical Little Mermaid and Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of its original film, we’re living in a time that’s—apologies—a bit oversaturated with mermaids at the moment. On the one hand, a show throwing a few punches at the happily-ever-afters we’ve all been sold could be something worth watching. On the other hand, Washed Up could just as well be something akin to Married With Children, only with talking fish, mermaids, and a murder mystery, which...well, honestly, that wouldn’t be half bad?

Currently, there’s no set premiere date for Washed Up, but Peacock itself is set to launch on July 15. We’ll bring you more as we know it.

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a “sequel” inspired by the Little Mermaid fairytale

The - fairy tale in which the mermaid commits suicide in the end because the prince falls in love with a human?