A Little Love from the Giant Leeches

One of the most demented things about Roger Corman's 1959 flick Attack of the Giant Leeches is the way the leeches seem to sort of make love to their victims. Trapped in the mega-leeches' slimy cave in Florida, the humans in this scene are being given the old gigantic suction treatment. And at least one of them sounds like she's moaning in pleasure. Like all Corman monster flicks, Attack of the Giant Leeches has a lot of seemingly extraneous stuff going on outside monster's lair that's actually far more interesting than the rubber-suited menaces. (Not that I don't fucking adore these sucker-mouthed guys.) The woman you see being drained of blood here was having an affair with one of her husband's pals, which is how they ran into the leeches in the first place. Hubby had followed them out to their swampy borking pad and held them at gunpoint until they fled into the water . . . and were dragged away by leeches! The fake white trash accents and noir-ish sex triangle are insane and eyebrow-raising. Not to take away from the glory of the leeches. I'm totally not doing that. Leeches FTW! [Attack of the Giant Leeches via IMDB]

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Ed Grabianowski

This made for one of the most hilarious MST3K episodes I've ever seen. I'm sure someone will post a Youtube clip shortly.