A Little Girl Turns Into an Angry Kaiju in the Adorable First Trailer for Dino Girl Gauko

You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. But actually, you might, because it’s hilariously cute.
Image: Netflix
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Move over, Retsuko—Netflix has another anime star in town with a bit of an anger problem. But Naoko doesn’t turn to heavy metal to channel her feelings. She turns to something else, rather literally!

io9's got an exclusive look at the first trailer for Dino Girl Gauko, a brand new short-form anime from Hitoshi Mogi. Set in a Japan filled with weird and wonderful monsters living alongside humans, Dino Girl Gauko follows tween poetry lover Naoko Watanabi. But Naoko has a bit of a secret—when she gets angry, she turns into a fire-breathing dinosaur!

It’s all very cute, but like Aggretsuko before it, there’s a relatablity to Naoko’s struggles with her emotions even as her transformative outbursts come across as funny. She might not have the stresses of office life like Retusko to contend with at her young age, but Naoko still has frustrations that are all too familiar to us all.


Well, except for the part where we don’t turn into dinos. Dino Girl Gauko’s 20-episode debut season—with each episode running roughly seven minutes—lands on Netflix November 22.

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