A Little Alien Knowledge Is Mega-Dangerous, In New Transformers Trailer

The official version of the Transformers 2 trailer is finally out, and it's jam-packed with crazy action snippets, plus dialogue like "Megatron wants what's in my mind," that cries out for a snarky response. Baytastic!


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Chase Melendez

I really don't understand all the "haters" out there for this, i mean i know that the first movie had some big problems but i also know that it made me feel like i was 10 years old again (especially when the Autobots descended) and i gotta say straight up, "Revenge" looks AMAZING! i mean how much 'ass' does a movie have to 'kick' before people won't complain about it?? Really?

..and did you catch Megatron's ascent to the surface? Direct reference to the original cartoon.. luv it!