Dmitry Balandin, a scifi enthusiast and crane operator from Ukraine, has built a life-sized robot fashioned from 500 pieces of plywood.

The highly adjustable Cylon, which Balandin named after the robots of Battlestar Galactica, can bend and extend its arms and legs, shake hands, and rotate its neck and torso.

Initially, Balandin wanted to make his Cylon out of metal, but wood proved to be a more practical material given that he was working out of his Zaporozhye apartment.

It took him months to plan and the better part of six months to build.

Balandin plans to upgrade the Cylon in the future (budget permitting), including a radio-controlled motor that will allow it to move. He also wants to create a girlfriend for Cylon.

Sources and images: Komsomolskaya Pravda via English Russia & Oddity Central.