A lamp that behaves like a living organism

These incredible light fixtures created by Dutch designer Bob de Graaf offer us a glimpse of what the world would be like if technology and biology were indistinguishable. His designs are part of a project called Species of Illumination.

In an interview with We Heart, de Graaf explained that he'd been strongly influenced by the movie Wall-E, where robots are among the most expressive and lovable creatures we meet. His lights are autonomous, and intended to behave like companions rather than furniture.


We Heart explains the two autonomous lights:

‘Wallace’ seeks out the darkest space in a room and brings light to it. Having done that, it’s no longer the darkest space, so he moves on, constantly bringing light where it is darkest. Meanwhile solar-powered ‘Darwin’ searches for sunlight during daylight hours to charge his battery, and in the evening wanders around the house seeking movement – accompanying people with his light.

Learn more on de Graaf's website.

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