A Kraftwerk-esque video about evolution and mobile phones

A few years ago, artist Kyle Bean decided to tell the story of how mobile phones came to be the way they are today. The resulting vid reminds me of Kraftwerk, if only the weird German synthpop band had been obsessed with nesting dolls. Watch and be mesmerized.


The best part is that these are actual mobile devices - see if you can recognize them all!

Also, catch more of Bean's work on his website.


Dances with Peeps

My first was the Motorola with the flip front (1:05). Then a few different Nokias. Skipped the Razr phase. A Samsung Blackjack (die, Samsung, die, you piece of crap). Pantech slider (pretty and fun until I dropped it). LG Windows smartphone is the current one.

But the first mobile phone I remember seeing (besides a car phone, which my first husband had) was the one in Lethal Weapon, of which I cannot locate a picture. It was the size of a shoebox with a regular handset. The charge probably lasted 30 minutes max.