A Joss Whedon favorite might be Edgar Wright's Ant-Man, and is there hope for Stargate Universe after all?

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A crazy new rumor suggests a Firefly alum really will be Edgar Wright's Ant-Man...just not the one everyone has assumed. Plus the X-Men might be donning their traditional costumes, and a troubled starlet might join The Avengers. Spoilers all around!



Take this with tons and tons of salt, but this rumor is just too awesome not to consider. A person claiming to be a concept artist for Edgar Wright's long-simmering Ant-Man movie claims that he knows who is playing Ant-Man, and how the character will fit in with The Avengers. It won't be Nathan Fillion...but it's pretty much the next best thing:

In fact another Firefly star Alan Tudyk is not only locked in for a solo film for the character, but will briefly appear in The Avengers as the character's scientist counter part Hank Pym Along with wife and fellow super hero Janet Van Dyne (both [of] whose transformation into Ant-Man and Wasp will be shown as the after the credits scene in The Avengers). Both characters will be in the process of creating Ultron(who is set up for the villein (sic) role in the solo film). The solo film will start filming directly after The Avengers with a cameo from Wonder Man, A role that is actually being largely considered for Fillion.


So...should we believe any of that? No, probably not. I mean, it's pretty hard to believe an Ant-Man concept artist knows such crucial details about not just (supposedly) his own film, but also The Avengers. As such, I'd advise against putting too much hope into this. Although...Alan Tudyk as Ant-Man? Nathan Fillion cameoing as Wonder Man? Whatever the truth actually is, I hope it's a tenth as awesome as that. [ComicBookMovie]

X-Men: First Class

Here's another report from a supposed inside source, which is somewhat more believable, if only because the revelations are much more mundane. The most exciting news for old-school X-Men fans is that the team will be wearing the traditional blue and yellow costumes that the Bryan Singer movies so emphatically dismissed. The insider also revealed that Mystique has one of these costumes and isn't blue for the entire movie, suggesting she might well be a part of the team at certain points in the film. He also implies that there's a fight scene between Beast, Mystique, and main villain Sebastian Shaw. But my favorite tidbit has to be this one:

the hellfire club is either a strip club or a casino. and it might be on a boat.

Again, don't take this as anything remotely like confirmed information, but it certainly seems a little more believable than Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion coming on board for the Ant-Man movie. All the same — grains of salt, people, grains of salt. [ComicBookMovie]

The Avengers

We might as well finish off the crazy rumors trifecta with the reports that rehabbing teen starlet Demi Lovato is reportedly up for a role in The Avengers. Absolutely no word on who it might be - although here's hoping (and assuming) it isn't the Janet Van Dyne to Alan Tudyk's Hank Pym. It's quite possible she might have a minor role in the movie, although it's kind of hard to figure out how a teenage girl might fit into The Avengers. [Radar Online]


Captain America

Here's some cool set photos and a translated excerpt from a Dutch magazine story on the filming:

Some of them are so big that just a part of it is build. Production designer Rick Heinrichs: "The nice thing about Captain America is that it's a mixture of World War II and science fiction. Some ideas from then are transported to modern times. We wanted to do justice to history and at the same time to the comic."

That explains why we see American soldiers walking around and girls with prewar curlers in their hair. The male lead in this movie is played by Chris Evans who seems to be more at ease in his military garb then in his futuristic, tight, Captain America suit. Or so he says. Unfortunately, we won't get to see this suit.



The Green Hornet

Here's a new sneak peek showing the birth of Britt Reid and Kato's superhero partnership: [ComicBookMovie]

The Smurfs

Here is, for some reason, another photo for the upcoming Smurfs movie: [Sci Fi Scoop]



Here's a promo to get you psyched for Fringe's January return: [TwitVid]
Click to view


No Ordinary Family

Here's a sneak peek and synopsis for the show's January premiere episode, "No Ordinary Friends": [ComicBookMovie]

After Jim saves Dave Cotten's (Ricky Schroder) life, he and Stephanie become fast friends with Dave, his wife, Michelle (Annie Wersching, "24″) and their kids. But Jim begins to suspect that the Cottens may be leading their own secret lives. Meanwhile, Daphne throws her hat into the high school ring for student council president, and Katie reveals a secret to Stephanie about her relationship with Joshua – aka The Watcher - on "No Ordinary Family."

The Cape

Here's a sneak peek at the pilot episode, featuring Summer Glau as Orwell: [SpoilerTV]

Stargate Universe

There might just be a sliver of hope for the now canceled SGU. Executive producers Brad Wright and Joseph Mallozzi both say they haven't given up on the show, with Wright pointing out that MGM owns the Stargate franchise separate from Syfy, and it's possible they could find a way to continue telling the story in some way with or without a new network signing on. (A couple DVD movies somewhere down the line seems the most realistic option here, but that's just my own supposition.) Meanwhile, Mallozzi sums up where the franchise now stands. It's...uncertain:

"Obviously, it doesn't look good. But is this the end? Well, the Syfy cancellation makes it very long odds that we'll be producing a third season next year. But is this the end? … The honest answer is: I don't know. No, that's not entirely true. The truth is I do know some - but only enough to say it doesn't look good and it's very long odds we'll be producing a third season next year - yet still only enough to say I can't say this is definitely the end. At least for now."


So, there is absolutely nothing to suggest Stargate Universe will continue in any form at this point...but its creators sound as though they're going to at least give it a shot. [Gateworld]


Here's another sneak peek and a couple more promo photos: [The V-Files and SpoilerTv]


Geoff Johns revealed that his upcoming episode does indeed feature Booster Gold and the newer Jaime Reyes version of the Blue Beetle:

"I love the Blue Beetle. We introduced [this version of the character] back during 'Infinite Crisis.' I always like the chemistry between him and Booster, so when I was going to do this episode, I wanted to do those two together and I think the story that we came up works really well. It's very Booster 1.0, meaning he's in the early stages of his career as a hero — and is pretty self-serving. You'll see Beetle's origin, Booster first meeting Clark and Lois and maybe a cameo by someone from Kord Industries."


[Comic Book Resources]

Additional reporting by Chelsea Lo Pinto and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I get why they made an Ironman movie. I get Thor. I get the Avengers.

But Antman? I don't see kids lining up to dress up like Antman. I see no Antman cartoons on TV. Seriously, why?