Filmmaker Florina Titz wrote to io9 to tell us about her strange new short film, Kurupuru, which she described enticingly as being about "glitches, systems, maps, unicorns and brothels." Here's the official synopsis:

A programmer is working on a map of the city when he discovers a glitch inside the system. Set on fixing this computer error, he travels inside the city itself only to make a radical discovery...

It's a strange, scrappy, occasionally nonsensical film that reminded me of something that China Miéville might have jammed into his city magic novel Kraken. It captures the weirdness of something, or perhaps the absence of something, and it made me happy for five minutes. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Also, I have never seen a movie based on a poem. Here is the poem that filmmaker Florina Titz says is the basis for Kurupuru:

By Nick Twemlow

In this world, the unrated world, we get to do whatever we want.
The unicorn spearing the city in its gut.
The fashion of home movies,
boy sets out for bigger
& brighter, eyes gleaming a life
living in the hazardous fray of jump-cuts.


Pool's edge. A salt lick of coke. The zoo, where Silverback apes
grieve the dead. One sniffs the stiff body, laid in wake.
It nose strolls every inch, as if down a boulevard clear-cut through the jungle,
searching for something recognizable. Another
surveys the body, lays its head on an outstretched arm.

The zookeeper told reporters she cried herself
into a headache.
People are eating each other in the North. But in the South,
comrade, a little girl stokes a campfire
as the shadows multiply,
as a stick breaks underfoot, and underfoot
is the first break of dawn.