A Human/Vampire Buddy Movie, Family Guy-Style

Click to viewFamily Guy producer and writer David A Goodman will adapt the story of a group of vampires defending the last humans on earth from zombie infestation, based on the graphic novel Last Blood. The comic follows the last few humans left alive on the planet, and their vampire bodyguards. In exchange for their protection from the undead hordes plaguing the Earth, the humans give their vamp protectors their blood. Click through for more details on Last Blood - and the Y The Last Man Movie, which production company Benderspink is also working on.

Shia LeBeouf is still rumored to be attached to the Y The Last Man movie adaption that Benderspink is producing - or at least there's a dialog about him being attached to it in some big wig Hollywood office. Who else could be in Y? The producer, JC Spink, told UGO that he was interested in either Zoe Saldana or Alicia Keys for the role of Yorick's bodyguard, Agent 355. But for Dr. Mann, he doesn't want Lucy Liu, he wants an unknown.


I don't know what I'm more excited for over at Benderspink: Vampire Zombies, Zombies Of Mass Destruction or Y: The Last Man. Well, okay, maybe Y.

[Hollywood Reporter]

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