Some Very Good Robots with some Very Good Names.
Image: Legendary

Pacific Rim has giant robots in it. The Jaegers are great, but a large part of their greatness is because they all have utterly fantastic names. We’ve crunched the data and have thus developed an objective and completely unassailable ranking of Jaeger names from across the Pacific Rim universe—from the movies as well as the plethora of robots introduced in tie-in comics, games, and more. So don’t question it.

Romeo Blue, making its debut in the tie-in video game Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.
Image: Reliance Games

29) Romeo Blue

28) Nova Hyperion

27) Echo Saber

26) Obsidian Fury

25) Vulcan Specter

24) Eden Assassin

23) Horizon Brave

22) Solar Prophet

21) Coyote Tango

Coyote Tango, appearing in a Japanese poster for Pacific Rim.
Image: Legendary

20) Shaolin Rogue

19) Chrome Brutus

18) Guardian Bravo

17) Diablo Intercept

16) Hydra Corinthian

15) November Ajax

14) Valor Omega

13) Bracer Phoenix

12) Mammoth Apostle

Titan Redeemer will redeem your face right in with that giant mace.
Image: Legendary

11) Titan Redeemer

10) Puma Real

9) Matador Fury

8) Saber Athena

7) Crimson Typhoon

6) Brawler Yukon

5) Gipsy Avenger

4) Tacit Ronin

3) Striker Eureka

2) Gipsy Danger

Cherno Alpha performing its own hydraulic-fist-powered fist-bump.
Gif: Legendary

1) Cherno Alpha

This has been your highly scientific and totally serious ranking of the giant robot names in Pacific Rim. Really, though, they’re all winners.


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