A Heartbreaking Short Film About a Monkey Who Dreams of Space

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A blend of stop-motion and 3D animation, as well as live action, Ainslie Henderson and Will Anderson’s Monkey Love Experiments shares the tale of Gandhi, a lab monkey who catches a TV report on the space race and begins dreaming of his own moon visit. But how will he be able to leave his beloved cage mate behind?

Gandhi is obviously a puppet, but your heart will break for the little guy anyway.


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If anyone wants to know the rather heartbreaking experiments the weird looking ‘friend’ originates from. That is from the work of Harry Harlow. I wouldn’t advise looking up footage from the experiments as it’s quite distressing.

The work basically provided the basis for Attachment Theory which is to do with how important a parent/child (or mother/child) bond is to infants. So the rocking behaviour displayed is heartbreakingly accurate it’s an attempt to self soothe.

I saw it displayed in a documentary on pet primates, as in ones you can just buy because the infants get pulled at an incredibly young age are given a ‘surrogate’ (usually a bit of blanket) and they just cling onto it and rock because it’s all they have. And well primates usually have fairly long juvenile periods and in most cases stay very close to their mothers so as you can guess breaking said bond will have a profound effect.