A heart-warming Oscar-nominated short about an aging couple who live upside down from one another

Like so many couples, the husband and wife in Timothy Reckart's Oscar-nominated animated short Head Over Heels have drifted apart, not just emotionally, but gravitationally as well. They roam their flying house, one living on the ceiling, one living on the floor, each barely acknowledging the other's existence. Then, one day, the husband tries to reconnect with his ceiling-dwelling wife, setting in motion a chain of events that radically alter their existence.


Much like the upcoming film Upside Down, Head Over Heels deals with a couple kept apart by gravity, but in this case, that separation represents the emotional separations they've allowed in their relationship. It's a purely fantastical film, but one that treats its setup with whimsy and simple ingenuity. If this husband and wife are to overcome their gravitational difference, they will have to apply compromise and a little elbow grease.


[via The Animation Blog]

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Joseph Finn

I saw the Oscar animated shorts collection last weekend, and while this wasn't the best for me (that's Adam And Dog) it's pretty freaking great. Really, this is a great year overall.