A Hawkeye Spinoff Series Is Already in the Works at Disney+

An earlier Ronin is getting her time in the spotlight.
An earlier Ronin is getting her time in the spotlight.
Image: David Mack/Marvel Comics

If there’s one thing Marvel’s plans for streaming TV have made clear at this point: everyone’s getting a show.


Variety reports that Disney and Marvel Studios are in the early stages of production for Echo, a series spinning out of the Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld)/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) team-up show heading to Disney+ later this year. Echo is first set to make an appearance in the series, where she’ll be played by Alaqua Cox.

Real name Maya Lopez, Echo is a Native American who was born deaf, but also with photographic reflexes akin to the skill used by Marvel Comics villain (and, someday soon hopefully, Black Widow foe) Taskmaster. Originally a member of the New Avengers, Echo has ties with a mantle that we’ve already seen Clint use in the MCU already: in the comics, she was Ronin before Clint took on the identity, who only had the chance to do so because Maya had been killed and revived by the Hand to become their unwilling agent at the time.

Work in the series is currently in the earliest stages, with Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen reportedly attached to write/produce. We’ll bring you more on Marvel’s plans for Echo as and when we learn them. Hawkeye does not yet have a release date but will likely begin streaming after Marvel’s Loki series (which follows The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) on June 11.

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Her origin included her being partially raised by the Kingpin and was initially a supporting character of Daredevil.

A series staring her sounds great, but also bring back Daredevil you cowards.